Sat Tal ( Seven Lakes)
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                                Sat Tal
Sat Tal ( Seven Lakes)   Sat Tal ( Seven Lakes)
Sat Tal is located at altitude of 4500 Ft Above Sea Level, Sat Tal is located 22 Kms from Nainital ,298 Kms from New Delhi and 35 Kms from Kathgodam Railway Station, Actually Sat Tal is a bnch of lakes situated in between Oak forests, One can compare Sat Tal with Westmoreland of England, While Approching towards Sat Tal one would see first lake as old Nal Damyanti lake , Afterwards one can find Ashram of Stanley Johns ( American Missionary), Next lakes on way is Panna Lake ( Another name Garuda Lake), Followed by bunch of three lakes like Ram Tal, Laxman Tal,Sita Tal.Hanuman Tal , Bhiyun Taland Sukha Tal are seasonal lakes and are filled with water during monsoons only, Sukha Tal is situated enroute for hiking towards water fall.

The perennial lakes have underground springs as water source and Ram Tal , Sita Tal & Laxman Tal are interconnected and Garuda / Panna Tal is separated by a hill from other Tals, One needs permits for fishing , There are several local myths about Panna Tal.

Sat Tal is situated in Mehragaon Valley in lower Himalayan range, Sat Tal is known as fresh water biomes in India and are paradise for migratory birds, There are many camps operated by locals for tourist accommodation. Adventure activities like trekking , hiking, rock climbing, rappelling etc. are available near Sat Tal.

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